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Graphic design, marketing and branding content to help your business connect with a hungry audience. 


Most people that know Food Sheriff, know who's at the helm; Jesse Goldstein. Jesse was the Brand Manager of the world-famous Loveless Cafe in Nashville, TN for years and helped build the brand that is so well-known today. His work included graphic design, social media content and strategy, merchandise and packaging design and public relations. After years of creating what is widely seen as one of Nashville's leading lifestyle brands, Jesse Goldstein is now available to help you and your brand through Food Sheriff. 


From websites to recipes, brand style guides to social media strategy, merchandise and packaging design, there's too much to put everything all in one location. But take a peek at a few of these examples and reach out to Food Sheriff about specific work examples. We'll be happy to send you specimens to illustrate what we can do for your brand.

What type of work has Food Sheriff done? What can Food Sheriff do for you? Here's a few of many skills available to you and your brand.

  • Logo and visual identity creation
  • Branding and style guidelines
  • Website Design and Optimization
  • Recipe Development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Merchandise and apparel design and production
  • Catalog and print collateral design and production
  • Retail store consulting and design
  • Food packaging, design and procurement
  • Social media strategy and implementation
  • Content creation (video, blog, etc.)
  • Pinterest marketing strategy and execution
  • Menu design and production
  • Restaurant consultation 
  • Happy hour. Yes, Food Sheriff is an excellent happy hour companion.


A Few Food Sheriff Clients and Projects, Past and Present