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So What is Consumable Branding?


Even the best businesses are nothing without customers to purchase their products or services. But how do they find you in this age of ever-congested messaging?

Advertising and content marketing used to be thought of as pretty much the same thing. Branded content was typically spun off of traditional ad development - taking the most dynamic elements that could stand on their own. Everything from print to outdoor, TV to radio all had the same objective: to advertise that product or service. But your customers have changed. They DVR their favorite shows and skip all of the commercials. They pay for that upgrade to Pandora to avoid the ads. And they whine like crazy when Facebook starts including promoted posts in their feeds. All of this means that businesses have to develop a new way of thinking. Their messaging must not only advertise, but serve as creative content that urges the audience to engage and share it. 

  • People don't trust ads - they trust their peers.
  • You have no real way of tracking the success of traditional advertising.
  • It's expensive to advertise. 

It's not just about what you say however, it's often how and where you say it. In these modern times, a business needs to find organic ways to get in front of their audience. They need a method that feels less pushy and more service-oriented. They need to find a way to get all those millions of people on the internet and using social networks every day to spread that message for them. Enter Consumable Branding.

Food Sheriff will work with your business to create an online library of content to engage new and existing customers. This unique content will live on your website. Through social networks and communications, you'll cast that bait to attract visitors to your site, where you can further engage them, educate them and develop a relationship that gets them to become part of the collective voice of your brand. These pieces of content also become valuable assets that you can leverage in other communications such as email newsletters, brochures and publicity efforts. Most importantly, this brand content is what helps drive viral lift to your website, SEO, social networks and of course, sales.

But what is this content? It should ultimately be a variety of things and it is totally unique to each brand and product. From recipes to blog posts, an exciting contest or event photo album, the key is that it is professional, interesting and on-point with your brand. With the content online, your social media and email marketing strategies evolve to include messaging and links to this content, pulling more and more visitors to your site. Once there, they're likely to sign up for email news, share the content on their own networks and further strengthen the positive associations they have to your brand. 

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