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Graphic design, marketing and branding content to help your business connect with a hungry audience. 




Who is the Food Sheriff?

A childhood nickname, Food Sheriff was the name Jesse Goldstein's older brothers gave him during mealtimes. As the youngest of three boys, he often felt the need to divide the meal and protect his portion. The name stuck.


Jesse Goldstein grew up in an artist community in the mountains of North Carolina and studied Culinary Arts in Charleston, SC. After years of working as a chef, he evolved into working as a graphic designer and marketing professional, learning the ropes of 'consumable branding' through a 10-year stint at the world famous Loveless Cafe.

Where is Food Sheriff?

Nashville, Tennessee is not only the home of music and culture for the Southeast, but also where Food Sheriff is based. But in this age of digital consumption, Food Sheriff can be everywhere your customers are.


What Food Sheriff can do for you.

Consulting - Use the experience and knowledge of Food Sheriff to help you navigate through the modern landscape of marketing and branding. Contracts are available for one-time projects or monthly retainers to help you stay on track as you grow.

Branding Strategy - It starts with sitting with you to determine your goals, needs and opportunities before creating a strategy of long-term growth.

Brand Identity - From something as simple as a logo to fonts and a color palate, brand identity is what helps makes good eggs stand out from bad apples.

Recipe Development - The uses of your product may seem obvious to you, but not to others. Through unique and creative recipes, you can not only drive sales but create engagement opportunities through your existing blog, email marketing and social media initiatives. 

Content - The core of new-world marketing, content is what your audience wants and needs. It's how they brag about and how you create viral lift in this age of digital noise.

Retail Development - Smart retail strategy not only helps the bottom line, but further establishes a connection with your core audience and strengthens your brand identity. 

Print and Layout - From effective menu design to print advertisements and even digital catalogs, Food Sheriff can assist in creating the tools you need to communicate one-on-one with your customers.

Web and Mobile - Having a website is just the beginning. Food Sheriff can work with you to create the best version of your online brand to help you share your story, build fans and move up in the rankings of search engines.

Social Media & Communications - Yes, we're talking about "the Facebook." But what about Pinterest? Do you have a strategy for that? What are you doing with Instagram? Do you know how to ensure the posts you make on Facebook and Twitter get the maximum impact? Food Sheriff does.

Spokesperson - Jesse Goldstein has extensive experience with live television segments. Be it baking, cooking, cocktails or entertaining, Food Sheriff can represent your product or business professionally, while adding the 'stamp of approval' of being Food Sheriff-approved and recommended.